we were once the youngest baby in the world

todays recommended listening: No Halo, by Brockhampton.

i brush my teeth twice today,

waking up is not so hard to do anymore. i still love very much my responsibilities and look forward to the world as it constantly reflects the magic, music, and comedy in my wildest and most simple minded dreams.

a very wise someone once told me that to live a long, healthy and successful life, there are two things we must do every day, first is to sweat and other is to laugh. if life keeps going the way it has, i’ll live to be a million and a half possessing all the riches in the universe. the world has been designed to teach and amaze, so simple yet a complex maze. though it is not a race, but we hurry because we eager to see what lies around every corner, behind every idea, the answer to every possible question we ask and every decision we make. we’ve been good for too long, maybe its time we get dirty.

god blesses each and every chance we take.