we became fragment of what we were

todays recommended listening: 何なんw, by Fujii Kaze.

greetings from the rooftop of my new office building at Metropolitan Tower,

where i would scan the sky, the roads, the baseball field in front of the building, the parking lot and try to remember where i parked my car. i would pause to admire the weather and realize that that is precisely what movies are missing. changing weather conditions, we surely can see them on the screen, but never can we feel them or see our own breath the way our romantic leads do. that thought fades quickly as i get cold and am glad its temperature controlled indoors. if it rained at the movies that would pretty much suck.

later this evening, i uncovered yet another disturbing detail, a birthday card i was supposed to pass along to Kak Tari with a note attached that in bold letters stated, “JANGAN LUPA KASIH”. well kak, i forgot:(

this might be one of those cases where you may indeed shoot the messenger. i still have it if you want me to send this to your table or if you like i could open it up and read it aloud right here, or i could scan it and post it and you could print it by yourself. i have many options.

happiest birthday to you kak.



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