visualization of thoughts

todays recommendation listening: It Might As Well Be Spring, by Blossom Dearie.

i just burnt my tongue on hot lasagne,

been journaling for years straight, still want to beat people up that this shit not even working, but here i am work things out. im writing this on very…

todays recommendation listening: Lady Blue, by George Benson.

look, its going to be a quick write. because im in the middle of back-to-back meeting. but theres something that needs out of my chest.

i was never gonna let anybody get by me without understanding, because we dont know they might be hurting inside, suffering inside, racked in agony, or be upset about anything that has been pass and gone in our lives. what i know is, because life, its hard. its a real hard.

todays recommendation listening: Dilla Love, by Tom Misch

hold a minute,

dating is so odd, isnt it? i mean, we are all strangers essentially. so how is it ever possible to truly feel safe with someone? i suppose you cant. one of my best friend said, that intimacy was all about leaving yourself open to being attacked, isnt that horrible?

i mean, it does make you realize how scary it is, allowing yourself to be intimate again. i mean, you really do have to be brave. you need to be brave enough to let someone wonderfully love you, without fear of being hurt and without fear of being safe.

but, its how the crisps crumbles.

Reyhan Galih

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